Located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, Riparian Plaza offers twenty-five floors of absolute premium office space where the city’s leading businesses gather to work. Reflecting professionalism and prestige in both location and amenities, Riparian Plaza provides the ultimate reception point for clients and visitors. There is an understated elegance inherent in the design of Riparian Plaza, providing a stylish and professional environment.

Comprising 53 levels of premium office space, retail accommodation, world-class luxury apartments and multi-level car parking, Riparian Plaza successfully brings people together to work, live and play at Brisbane’s most inspiring riverfront location.

Completed in 2005, Riparian Plaza was developed by Bloomberg Incorporation Limited who remain the building’s owners.


Designed by famous Australian architect Harry Seidler, the main objective was to develop a significant building on an important parcel of riverfront land. It would be his last major project.

The outcome was the first dramatic expression of changing use in a high-rise building in Australia. Riparian Plaza has become an architectural landmark that set the benchmark in architectural expression, construction engineering, environmental design and innovative smart technology.

Riparian Plaza is the first multi-purpose building accommodating both office and residential vertical sectors is unique in Australia. The name ‘riparian’ is derived from Latin origins meaning ‘on or pertaining to the riverbank’.

With its 45 degree orientation to the waterfront , Riparian Plaza is perfectly designed to parallel the Brisbane River and to preserve and promote views from all working and living spaces. Completed in October 2005, Riparian Plaza stands at an impressive 250 metres.




A total of 86 bicycle racks are located in a secure basement compound. Automated sliding gates allow for ease of entry and exit and immediate access off the city boardwalk and Eagle Street.

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Off the riverside boardwalk, the end of trip facilities are easily accessible and luxurious for those riding, running or walking to work.

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Access to the bicycle storage is via the base building access card only. The storage compound and cyclist amenities are monitored 24/7 by CCTV cameras. Panic alarms are located in the bicycle storage compound and each of the cyclist shower amenities. Access to the relevant male and female showers amenities are provided on each access card issued to occupant of Riparian Plaza.

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The building’s on floor amenities have recently been re-designed and upgraded with features including fine Italian marble finishes and automatic tap ware and door access.

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An exceptional concierge service is provided Monday to Friday between 6.30am and 9.30pm. Our professional and friendly team will meet and greet your staff and visitors making them feel part of this special community.

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There are male and female lockers, generously sized and high quality with enough space to accommodate suit hanging.

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The building’s car parking facility, located on Levels P1 – P7, offer tenants private, single access bays that are generously wide and naturally ventilated. The car park is accessed off Eagle Street via the building’s unique helix ramp. The carpark lift lobbies have also recently been refurbished.

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Destination controls have recently been introduced to the building’s lifting system to enhance the efficiency and speed on the lifts. Further upgrades to the lift cars included new finishes along with entertainment and news screens.

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Air conditioning

A highly efficient variable air volume (VAV) air conditioning supply system ensures stable conditions via 20No VAV units per floor with air delivery via swirl diffusers to minimise droughts. Out of hours air conditioning requests are managed online to ensure flexibility of use by tenants. Riparian Plaza is currently targeting a NABERS five-star rating.


A comprehensive communications backbone is installed in Riparian
Plaza with 100 pair copper telephony and 6no multimode and 6No
single mode optical fibre pre-terminated on each level and in the
Main Distribution Frame.


A dedicated Energex switch board is located above the car parking levels of Riparian Plaza Riparian Plaza with capacity to provide25w/M2 to each level. The Authority supply is supported by standby diesel generators. Electrical and data reticulation on the floors are via three compartment skirting ducting.


The facade incorporates sunshades and specialised grey tinted double glazed sealed panels to reduce solar glare and improve thermal efficiency.

Floor space

A generous 2.7 metre ceiling height is achieved without bulkheads virtual full height glazing with a minimal 210mm perimetre skirting.

Future services

Each level has provision for connection to the tenant ’s condenser water loop, as well as capacity for outside air, ventilation and hydraulic service.


Energy efficient 18W Erco LED down lights are installed to achieve a modern clean ceiling grid whilst ensuring low maintenance with a long 50,000 hour lamp life.


Riparian Plaza is committed to the principles of sustainability and since construction has sought to progressively integrate sustainable practices into standard day to day operations.

Riparian Plaza utilises continuous automated computerised monitoring of the central air conditioning plant operation to ensure optimal performance. Information collected from continuous monitoring is used to feed back into the interactive 3D energy model to inform decision making of further sustainability project  works.